Our story

Prepit was founded by Natalie (Dietitian) and Tim Sharpe (Economist).

The couple took the leap from full-time employment in their chosen professions to start a small food business back in 2016 which quickly grew to 3 outlets.

When starting out, they found it incredibly difficult to spread their limited time across the key elements of the business including recipe development, costings, nutrition information, staffing, ordering, and sales and delivery.

While various point-of-sale and accounting platforms are available to help small business, they couldn't find a complete system on the market to help them manage the key business functions of a small food business.

In response, they devised a system (called Prepit) which could lay their business out in a way that problems could be identified and fixed, goals and targets could be set, and the bigger picture became clear.

The results were instant - food costs were reduced dramatically and profit increased. The business was more efficient and the couple achieved a better work-life balance. They were no longer working harder but smarter.

Nat and Tim launched Prepit in 2021 to help small food business operators save time, become more efficient, more profitable and get their life back!

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Natalie Sharpe B.ND APD/AN

Natalie is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD/AN) with nearly 10 years experience in the food service industry. 

Natalie is currently Co-Founder and Dietitian for PrepIt and Managing Dietitian for a National Healthy Fast Food Franchise. Natalie has worked with a variety of food companies and research institutes to provide education, recipe development, and nutrition analysis & advice.

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Tim Sharpe B.Com, B.Ec(HONS), PhD

A trained economist, Tim has experience in research, education and small business operations.

Tim is currently Co-Founder and General Manager of PrepIt. Prior to this, Tim Co-Founded a healthy fast-food café with three outlets, and worked as a Lecturer in Economics at The University of Newcastle and Nottingham Trent University.